Build Your List First

Before I get into my recommended traffic sources I wanted to give you a quick reminder that your objective when generating traffic to your website should be to capture some of that traffic by building your own list.  When you build your own subscriber list you have the ability to email the list at anytime you want.  If you can email your list at anytime you want then you can generate your own traffic to any offer you want at anytime.  The system that I am using to build my list is The Conversion Pros.



Traffic is the life bloodline of any online business, which is why it is so very important that you learn how to generate a quality consistent flow of new visitors to your website.

One of the best ways to get started with generating a consistent flow of visitors to your website is to buy the traffic.  You do have to be very careful when it comes to buying traffic online as there are many traffic providers that will either send you garbage traffic or even fake traffic.  One thing to remember is if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  For example if someone is selling 1000 clicks for $35.00 then chances are its not really good traffic and you are better off just keeping your money.


The following list are what I found to be my top recommended traffic sources.


  1. Udimi – The solo ad network where you can search of solo ad vendors to buy traffic from.  This is probably one of the safest place to buy solo ads as you get to see all the feedback from previous customers. You can buy traffic for as low as .35 cents per visitor.

What are solo ads?   A solo ad is simply an ad that is sent to another person list of subscribers.  A business owner or marketer who has a newsletter list of people who they regularly send emails to; and is willing to send your email advertisement with a link to your website.  This is a very highly effective way of sending traffic to your website.  This is actually my favorite method and I have been using solo ads to bring traffic to my websites to generate leads and sales for a very long time.  Click here to use Udimi to get traffic.


  1. My Autopilot Traffic – This is a traffic service provided by where you can purchase website visitors who are looking to start a home based business.  You simply select the amount of visitors that you want and then provide the website you want them to visit. You then just sit back and watch the visitors come to your website.  This is probably the easiest way to get business opportunity traffic in an instant.  Click here to use Autopilot Traffic



Please be sure to check back here for more traffic resources as I will add more when I feel that they meet my requirements of good traffic providers.



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